Falling through the veil of reality and coming through reborn.


I had sleep paralysis, just like you. (How) To overcome it or master it?

2015 has begun and before I could even think of making new year resolutions this happened to me. Hopefully if you are experiencing the same thing you may find this post helpful. 
Barely a few hours into morning and barely a couple of days or so into the dawn of 2015 and I re-experienced something, I’d barely begun to forget about. It had been practically years even since I’d even been touched by it and since I felt that pressing dread and thick heaviness on my being. 2015 and I thought I’d well and fully conquered it. By which I mean sleep paralysis. A state whence your body is catatonic but your brain fully active in REM state. By standard definition at least. I’m not here to address every scientific detail. A little warning, If that is what you wanted, then refer to Wikipedia. Science may provide feedback in this case but ultimately is of not much reassurance. Alternative medicine that works is medicine right?

When you stop fearing something as the ether and subconscious  sleep paralysis, it’s usually when it goes away for good. There is a reason why we have to conquer our fears or they seem to return in threefold it seems later on in life. Jung said to put it roughly; What isn’t dealt with consciously and is submerged into the subconscious,  will eventually leak or manifest into the conscious mind or at the very least will manifest as bad dreams. (I am literally looking for his quote as I’m sifting through a book called: “The Dream Dictionary from A to Z by Theresa Cheung”). It’s a good overall rough guide to dream interpretation but if you want to know more about this book I will post an article with a link down below hopefully soon. Here.
(Cannot find the original quote). I will have to look for it another time as postponing this post just for a quote really isn’t necessary is it? I’m sure you will get the rough idea. I highly recommend you look into dream psychology under Carl Jung quotes,(maybe throw in a couple of books)and you may just find a stepping stone towards a better understanding of this hypnopompic state. Read the rest of this page »